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The pet bed is a piece of furniture. We decided to approach it that way. Your furry family member, like ours, deserves a bed that he or she will love to be in and you will enjoy seeing in your living room. The base model for the Perch Pet Nest comes with a custom pattern based on the pattern, Houndstooth.

Medium Bed : For pets up to 35 lbs

Perch Pet Nest Features

Breathable Design

The Perch Pet Nest was designed to breathe, creating ventilation and air flow. This helps your pet to stay cool and relaxed while he or she is resting.


Two-Part Assembly

The powder coated steel frame comes in two parts; an upper frame and a lower frame. These two parts fit together snug, making it easy to assemble and break down.

Removable Cushion

The Perch Pet Nest comes with a removable cushion with a custom fabric print. This cushion is machine washer safe so your pet’s bed can stay clean and smelling fantastic.

Perch also sells replacement cushions and we always have new designs coming out so you can change the look up to fit your living room decor more closely.



The Perch Canopy

The Perch Canopy is an easy to attach add-on that creates a safe space for your pet. It builds a cave for he or she to hide out in. Your furry family member will have a place of his or her own.


Perch Extension

The Perch Extension provides a little extra elevation to the Perch Pet Nest. It also creates a secondary living/play space for your pet. The extension is great for cats and dogs that like to sit a little higher or if you have multiple pets that like to hang out together.

Extension and Canopy

The Perch Pet Nest and its accessories combined provide an ideal home for your furry family member. Your pet will love having the Pet Nest with the Extension and the Canopy. Your pet will have a place all to his/herself, and love you for it.

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