We are a family of designers who wanted to create a family business and come together. By combining our skills and talents we created the best pet bed in the market. Murva Justice, the mighty matriarch. Brings a lifetime of wisdom and experience along with unbounded energy. She oversees us all and keeps us in line. She is our biggest supporter and cheerleader. Sheri Gillett is an award winning Industrial designer with 20 years in Industrial design with a passion for design that is fun, artistic, and inventive.  Mike Gillett is an accomplished design engineer. He has over 30 years experience designing and building.  If you can dream it, Mike can build it.  Nick is the image guy. He has worked in the graphic design for many years. He has a unique way of approaching things and a whimsical style that fits with Perch’s approach to life.  Justin is our chief marketer. He has literally worked all over the world, designing and building creative marketing campaigns. He has a real unique eye for the design aesthetic and for marketing strategies. Together we are building this family company with a passion for pets and design, creating the best for your furry babies.