What makes this different from other pet beds?

The pet Perch is raised up off the ground to create a sling seat that conforms to your pet. This is more comfortable and is gentle on their joints.

How is it cleaned?

The Perch Nest has a insert pad that comes out easily to be washed and dried in any machine. The rest of the fabric zips off to be washed or can be hosed off.

How long will it last?

We designed the Perch Pet Nest to last a long time. It has a powdercoat steel frame covered with durable fabric. We were tired of buying floor beds and contributing to landfill when they got dirty. We set out to design a durable pet bed.

Do pet like them? Are they for cats or dogs?

We get great response from customers. People tell us their pets jump right in after they set them up. There is always the rare picky pet exception. Both cats and dogs use them. We’ve even had a pig and chicken perch in them!

What sizes do you have?

We currently have the medium for pets up to 30 pounds. This is for size, the Perch is tested to 90 pounds. A new bed up to 110 pounds is coming out soon! We also have a prototype for a huge bed for the super large dog breeds. Keeps checking our website as we add more products.